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50 Gorgeous Ankle Flower Tattoo You Can’t Miss This Summer

Today we show the most beautiful ideas for flower tattoo on the ankle or around ankle. Learn more about the meaning of different tattoo designs and choose your favorites!

Flowers as tattoos have manifold symbolic meanings. In general, they stand as a sign of beauty, femininity and youth. In some cultures, however, they are considered a symbol of rebirth, as flowers die each winter and come to life again in the spring. Of course every single flower has a different symbolism. Here we have summarized for you the most popular flower tattoos. The rose, for example, stands for love and passion, the orchid for elegance and wealth, the sunflower for warmth and happiness and the lotus for purity, compassion and perfection.

Here you can get 50 different flower tattoos and show off in the summer. If you like them and want to have a floral tattoo on your ankle, then make an appointment with your tattoo artist and enjoy the beauty of your ankle.

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