50 Charming And Gorgeous Finger Tattoo Ideas You Would Love To Try

Tattoos on the fingers are very fashionable nowadays, although it is a format that enjoys such mythical antecedents as the legendary tattoo that Robert Mitchum exhibited in ‘The Night of the Hunter’, with the word ‘love’ tattooed in one hand and in the other ‘hate’, representing the duality of love and hate, of light and darkness, present in every human being.

The fingers are a difficult area to perform tattoos, requiring more precision on the part of the tattoo artist than other areas of our anatomy, while it is also a place that carries the handicap of excess visibility, although it can be attenuated depending on the site of the fingers chosen for the tattoo, as well as the extension and the number of those that comprise the composition, leaving tattoos somewhat veiled if they are made in the lateral area of ​​the fingers.

The writing is usually very present in the tattoos on the fingers, either of a letter, word or phrase, being able to be tattooed in the case of the last two on a single finger, or to cover each of the components of a hand or even of the two, with an infinity of messages, which can range from the classic ‘believe’ to the Roman Caesar motto of ‘veni, vidi, vici’.

Anchors that pay tribute to old school tattoos, tribal style rings, feathers in the lateral area of ​​the fingers, hearts represented in a more or less avant-grade manner, symbols such as Celtic crosses, diamonds, or skulls that can be expressed in a more carefree way, as well as miniaturized compositions of faces of people and animals, in addition to smiles, stars and faces with a pronounced ‘naif’ style, are just some of the types of tattoos on the fingers that we can find.

Another very interesting variety is the mustache and mustache, whose tattoo forms a whole trend the ‘fingerstache’, which explores a markedly playful side, as other tattoos on the fingers do with another more ‘geek’, as is the case of tattoos that recreate the characteristic Star Wars laser sword or those that reproduce cupcakes.

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