40 Scary Yet Pretty Halloween Makeup Looks You Need

Would you like to scare everyone who sees you this Halloween? Then you are exactly right with us. There are so many makeup ideas for Halloween. You can try the bloody masquerade mask, This is a very unique and terrible makeup idea that will look great at a party.

Clowns are a Halloween classic and our next idea is a scary circus clown. We can use the fun and glowing colors that clowns use with extra counterfeit blood and contact lenses, giving her an eerie look. You can create a similar clown make-up or choose your own colors. If you really want to look scary, then this next selection is for you. Here we inspired a voodoo doll. Voodoo dolls are little dolls that can be used for good and evil. This make-up contains the classic stitches and the heart. You can be inspired by it or make it more frightening by adding contact lenses and darker makeup.

We have put together 40 spooky Halloween make-up ideas. We have bloody make-up, unique ideas and make-up that looks like a nightmare. Look, if you dare.

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